Our Guiding Mission

To assist those who are experiencing a home transition; whether they need to buy or sell high quality furnishings & home decor.

For those with unwanted items we provide a safe option to sell your items and to those reinventing their living space we provide help in transforming their current house into a home with affordable decorating ideas and advice.

Our Vision

  • To become the first option people consider before they buy or sell home furnishings & decor
  • To helpfully assist those who are experiencing a transition from or to a new home.
  • To provide a temporary reprieve for quality unwanted furnishings until a new home is found for them.
  • To help convert our consignors’ belongings into extra space & money, while helping our customers convert their house into a home affordably.
  • To provide a pleasant shopping experience for our clients
  • To provide a high level of service and integrity in all our business transactions.
  • To provide additional options to those whom we are unable to assist directly.
  • To reduce our impact on the environment through active recycling initiatives and promotion of such philosophies to our clients.
  • To be good corporate citizens and community supporters