Furniture Heaven Moving Day Tips

  • Moving day can be a hectic time, with many different things and people involved. To avoid mishaps and unneeded stress, a little planning can go a long way to making this day of transition run smoothly and easily. Whether you are using professional movers or your friends as volunteers, the day can go much better by following some of these great tips.
  • Pack it up before moving day. Have as much pre-packed as you possibly can. Nothing can cause delays more than having to ‘pack on the fly’ when all your help is there and ready to load the truck. Have friends or hired help come a day or two earlier to actually ‘pack’ items. Have plenty of packing supplies available (boxes, packing tape, scissors, bubble wrap, and felt pens to label all the boxes properly)
  • Consider renting stackable plastic boxes. There are new rental services that drop off professional grade plastic stacking moving boxes that are great for moving. You don’t usually have to worry about heavy boxes crushing lighter ones, they are durable, and several can be moved at a time with a dolly and can quickly be stacked into a moving truck, saving lots of time. Check out: . After you pack they move them for you.
  • Mark all boxes clearly. Don’t overload boxes so that a single person can’t easily manage it. If you do, mark heavy or fragile boxes very clearly. To avoid breakage of fragile items, wrap appropriately and mark boxes as ‘Fragile’ or ‘This End Up’ to avoid confusion. All boxes should indicate what room it is to go into when it reaches the new home. Print off some stickers with your new name and new address to affix to each box.
  • Pad Items Well. Use blankets, towels, linens, and shrink wrap to bad fragile items, picture frames, glass table tops and anything with sharp edges. Avoid using packing tape, duct tape or masking tape to secure cabinet doors on furniture, as it could potential lead to damage to the finish and make for difficult cleaning. Secure cabinet doors with elastics, rope or shrink wrap.
  • Vacuum and Dust Furniture before you move. Be kind to your moving help, and clean items before the move. It is more pleasant to move items without dust and pet hair falling all over and getting onto clothing. Plus, it will be nicer for you to move into a new home with most of the cleaning done before you have to unpack it. Don’t forget to clean under the sofa cushions and on top of the cabinets where it really likes to accumulate.
  • Check that Utilities & Services are not disconnected to soon. Nothing worse than trying to pack and move items from a dark, cold house because the utility companies turned power and heat off too soon (or not soon enough at the new location). It is much more comfortable if the heat or air-conditioning is set appropriately for the day of the move. Be sure phone services are available at both locations on the day of the move, or be sure those helping move have a cell phone number they can contact you at in an emergency.
  • Get extra throw rugs or mats. Help keep floor surfaces clean and slip free on rainy or muddy days by getting extra rugs to put down at the entrances and high traffic areas where movers will be traipsing through. Secure with tape if they pose a slip hazard to the moving crew.
  • Clear a path from house to moving vehicle. Avoid accidents and damages by making it easy for movers to maneuver through the house and yard. Get a door stop if doors close automatically, trim shrubs and trees that may block vision, and remove handrails if they prevent furniture from getting through safely. Move kid’s toys and secure pets that may cause trips or try to escape the chaos of moving.
  • Snacks & Beverages. Depending on the length of time your move is expected to take, you may want to have one or more snacks readily available. Since your kitchen is mostly packed up, you may want to try take out or the local deli at the grocery store. Keep plenty of drinks available (especially in our hot Okanagan weather) for hydrating. Save the beer for after the move to celebrate a smooth move.
  • Double check and Clean Up. After the main move, double check nooks, crannies, top shelves, and all drawers to ensure you have not left anything behind. Then, be kind to those moving in behind you, by sweeping, vacuuming, and cleaning your old home thoroughly.
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