FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

To assist those who are experiencing a home transition; whether they need to buy or sell high quality furnishings & home decor.

For those with unwanted items we provide a safe option to sell your items and to those reinventing their living space we provide help in transforming their current house into a home with affordable decorating ideas and advice.

Why use Furniture Heaven to sell my items?

Furniture Heaven is the Okanagan’s oldest (and only) full consignment store for furniture and home decor. Since 2002, we have grown to be the largest retail store of its kind between Vancouver and Calgary. We have computerized inventory control software to ensure items are properly listed and processed after each sale. We have hundreds of qualified customers coming though our store on a weekly basis and further expose your merchandise on-line to all out out-of-town regional customers. We offer high exposure and an opportunity for customers to come down and inspect your products before they purchase. This saves you time and money advertising your items and having to wait around for qualified buyers. See our “Top 10 Reasons to Consign”

How do you decide what items you will take in your store?

We take good quality, very-gently used merchandise on consignment. We reserve the right to decline what we consider to be unsellable. We are somewhat fussy with what we accept, and pride ourselves on showcasing upscale furnishings & home decor items that are in like-new condition that is current, clean, and in good repair. For larger furniture items, we require photos (and if required after that, further in-home inspection) prior to our accepting at the store. We reserve the option of refusing to consign items if they appear damaged, too worn or outdated in style or color. We know what our clientele is interested in; please don’t take our refusal personally. See our list of items we DO and DO NOT accept into the pearly gates of Furniture Heaven.

What is the procedure for consigning my items?

For full consignment procedures, please refer to our ‘Consignment Procedures’ sheet (available by email request). Smaller home decor items can be brought in, BUT must be accompanied by a list of your items. Please indicate what items, if not acceptable for consignment can be forwarded onto a charity. Please use cardboard boxes (not plastic totes) to drop off items, as we do not have room to store them for later pick up.

Who sets the price?

Pricing is at the discretion of Furniture Heaven, however we do consider your input valuable (and original receipts do help a bit). Having been in business over 10 years, we have experience and local marketplace knowledge. We also study the latest decorating trends and examine the local area for current pricing and supply. Due to the Asian import market, many items are much cheaper new today than they may have been 10-20 years ago, and furniture is a lot like vehicles in their depreciation over the years.

Do I need an appointment to bring my items in?

Smaller home decor and furniture can be brought in Monday-Friday during regular business hours; however a list of your items MUST accompany your items. We don’t always have time to sort through your items upon arrival, and with multiple consignors’ dropping items off we don’t want to mix your items up with someone else. As time permits, we will go through your items and decide what we can sell. You can pick up unsellable items once we have sorted through them, or we can pass along these items to a worthwhile charity for you. For larger items, an appointment must be arranged, depending upon space availability. We generally don’t mind helping you unload, but it is best to check with us to see if staff is available to help when you arrive. To email your pictures to us, send them to furnitureheaven@shaw.ca. Please include as much detail about your items as you can (i.e. manufacturer, age, condition, etc.) and your name and best phone number to call you at.

How long do you keep items in your store?

We don’t have definite time lines; however, most items we accept will sell, as we know our clientele. Initial prices are held for approximately 30-45 days to give items a fair shot at selling. If after this time it has not sold, we will apply markdowns to sell it off as quickly as possible. If larger items have been here over 90 days, we may contact you to decide what actions to take with your items. If we contact you to pick up an item, you will have 5 days to do so, or disposal will be at Furniture Heaven’s discretion.

What happens if my items don’t sell?

If larger items have been here over 90 days, we may contact you to decide what actions to take with your items. If we contact you to pick up an item, you will have 5 days to do so, or disposal will be at Furniture Heaven’s discretion. Other options include, further markdowns, sending items to auction or to charitable organizations.

Are my items insured while in your store?

Yes, items in the store are insured against fire (at your 45% payout of last ticketed price). However; our terms and conditions do state that items are left at owner’s risk. Furniture Heaven is not responsible for loss of or breakage/damage to goods on consignment.

Do you pick up or deliver items?

We don’t have our own pick up or delivery service; however we are happy to recommend such services if they are required. We work with two or three movers whom we have worked with for many years, and they are generally readily available on short notice and are reasonably priced.

Do you accept offers on items in your store?

No. Our best price is already displayed on our items for your convenience. We bring you the Okanagan’s best upscale furnishings at gently-used prices we have pre-negotiated with our consignors. Yes, we know you want a better deal, but without honoring the best interests of our consignor’s, we couldn’t bring you the fabulous merchandise we get in. When the time comes, items do get marked down, and that is clearly displayed on our tags and in our on-line store. We don’t own these items ourselves; we are the broker for our consignors.

When do I get paid for my sold items?

Whatever month your items sell in, payouts are on the 15th of the following month. (i.e. items that sell in March will have checks available for pick up on April 15th) For settlement checks that are under $20.00 we carry the balance over until such time that it exceeds $20.00 unless all your inventory items have finally sold. To keep our operating costs low, we only mail out settlement checks to out of town addresses or by special request.

When are you open?

Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday 9:30am – 5:00pm and Saturdays 10am-4pm. Closed Sundays and holidays. We occasionally open some holiday long weekends, please call ahead to see if we are there.

Where are you located?

We are located at 435 Banks Road, Kelowna, BC V1X 6A2. Banks Road is located between Canadian Tire (at Leckie Road) and Costco (at Hwy. 33). We are on the East side of Hwy. 97N. (opposite side of the highway from Wal-Mart). Drive down Banks Road, through the lights at Baron Road, and look for our signs about 5 doors down on the left hand side). View our ‘location map’ on this website.

Do you charge taxes (GST/PST)?

Yes. Government regulations require this, as we are providing a retail service. Currently the PST (7%) + GST (5%) = 12% in BC.