Cottage Paint is an all-Canadian innovative product made form water-based minerals & clay. It has very low VOC’s so there is little smell and it dries in under an hour, so it’s great for projects in small condos too. Within an hour you can begin to distress it with a damp cloth (it’s that easy)! Cottage paint takes on a very smooth, time-worn appearance and just needs a finishing coat of wax or varnish and your old furniture will look beautiful once again!

Cottage Paint adheres to just about any surface: wood, plastic, metal, brick, melamine, arborite, old varnish, shellac, enamel paint, kitchen cabinets, glass, etc. NO Sanding , Priming or Stripping required, just a good clean surface, and you’re ready to paint!!

BASICS #1 Class:

This class is a fun introduction to creative world of Cottage Paints. You will be introduced to the simple techniques of one & two color wet distressing, as well as dry-brushing and using the easy-crackle medium for great antiquing effects. You will also be introduced to some of the waxes and varnishes available to finish off and protect your work. Participants will leave with some painted samples and have the chance to create their own color palette of Cottage Paints to take home. 3 Hour Class: $65+GST = $68.25

BASICS #2 Class:

This class continues the fun, exploring options for embellishing your paint projects with stenciling techniques and image transfers (in both B&W and color). You’ll also discover “Texture Paste” for creating unique embossed images with stencils, and color washes. We will also discuss more about the different waxes including hard & soft bees wax and metallic waxes for vintage antique looks. Again, participants will leave with some painted samples of these techniques. 4 Hour Class: $80+GST = $84


Gail Hodgson is an accomplished interior painter who specializes in wall murals and enjoys transforming old out-dated furniture into beautiful new treasures with interesting paint techniques. She is now excited to begin offering classes, showing you how easy it is to create wonderful effects using the simple and beautiful Cottage Paints. Gail’s incredible painting can be viewed on her website:

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